Wild Lands Essentials, a $2.00 PDF with everything you need to start your fantasy critter adventure. For those who want to try the game but are not ready to invest the full price.


Wild Lands is a simple high fantasy game where players control fantasy critters as they travel and adventure across the Great Isle. There are no classes in Wild Lands; instead, players can design their critters for any play style, and change as their character's story unfolds. As critters earn experience and level up, they can increase their skills, allowing them to perform better at future tasks. Players can also augment their critter’s abilities through magical items, artifacts, and mana stones.



Wild Lands is filled with challenges not least of which are the deadly creatures that roam the land. From goblins of the surface to the underlings that lurk in the underways, players will face off against fearsome creatures as they fight back the darkness.


Campaign Setting

The Great Isle has a long and colorful history most of which has been lost to time with the ruins of many kingdoms, fortresses, and dark dens dotting the countryside from before the first and second calamity. After the second calamity, which resulted in the destruction of one of the divine oaks and the banishment of a great evil back to the void, there has been a relative peace on the isle as the critters rebuilt their lives in the new age. In the present day, it has been 128 years since the felling of the divine oak in Silverthorn. Life is peaceful, with only a few scuffles between guilds or cities, most of whom are attempting to gain territory and power. At the beginning of the new age, the orcs and dire beasts were driven back to Dire Skull, and any remaining warbands were scattered and fled deep into the woods and mountains. Only one horde has risen to challenge the west gate since the calamity. A Horde lead by a tremendous dire beast Alka Sparkfang, a giant thunder lynx. Her Horde broke through the west gate, but they were defeated in the plains east of the Warrens. Despite this relative peace, there has been an increase in goblin and underling sightings along with fears a long-prophesied return of Rasselbok.