Wild Lands

Beta v0.8


Live the life of a Fantasy Critter


Travel the fields of the Wild Lands a tabletop rpg based on d6 system where players control fantasy critters as they adventure through a high fantasy setting. This is the beta rule set and is open for anyone to play-test freely.

If, after playing, you have feedback you would like to share you can fill out the google survey here . All feedback is appreciated.

Download v0.8 Zip File Here

Download v0.75 Zip File Here

Download v0.7 Zip File Here

Download v0.6 Zip File Here

Download v0.55 Zip File Here

Download v0.5 Zip File Here


The Beta folder includes

Wild Lands core rules v0.75

Pearls of Lilly Lake, Beta Adventure v0.6

World Map

5 Adventure Maps

Character Sheet

Character sheet example

Update v0.8

  • Updated Art

  • NEW Adventures of Silverthorn document containing 2 low level quests

  • NEW Quest: Terror in the water

  • Updated Pearls of Lilly Lake adventure

Update v0.75

  • Updated Layout

  • Updated rules (skills, leveling, HP, MP)

  • All Charts updated

  • New equipment chapter with additional accessories and Items

  • Update v0.7

  • Updated Layout

  • Updated rules (skills)

  • New equipment chapter with 40+ weapon options

  • Weapon Illustrations

  • New Bestiary

  • 40+ monsters

  • Monster Illustrations

  • Update v0.6

  • Updated Layout

  • Updated rules (health, search spot listen, race stats, and more)

  • Updated character Sheet

  • New Art

  • Pearls of Lilly Lake, Beta Adventure new layout

  • Pearls of Lilly Lake, Beta Adventure new Art

Update v0.55

  • New Layout

  • New Critter Descriptions and abilities

  • New and updated weapon options

  • Sizes Defined

  • Distances modified


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My goal is to make a simple, fun, fantasy setting for young and old alike.